Q: How early should i submit a holiday request?

A: We require a minimum of thirty days notice for holidays.

Q: How do I submit a request for a medical appointment?

A: Please come into the office and have a member of staff complete an appointment form.

(we will require proof of appointment card/letter producing to the office before we will approve).

Q: How do I submit a holiday request?

A: Please come into the office and have a member of staff complete a holiday request form.

Q: How will i know when my appointment/holiday request has been approved/denied?

A: You will be contacted by the office.

Holiday Tips: Speak to your rota opposite and organise cover, this will assist in your request being approved.


On Call

Q: What shouldn’t on call be used for ?

A: Rota issues, holidays, wage issues etc, all theses should be dealt with during office hours.

Q: I have called and no one answered?

A: On call can only deal with one call at a time, they will be on the phone, please callback.

Q: When should I inform work if I am unwell and unable to attend work?

A: As soon as possible, but please do not call On Call between the hours of 11pm -6am for sickness.


Rota Issues

Q: What should i do if i have issues with my rota?

A: All rota issues need to be dealt with by the office between the hours of 10.30am and 3pm.

(Please do not call ON CALL as this is for out of hours emergencies).



Any staff member requiring a sub, must request from directors in person.